Uma’s writing has garnered attention from local and international media.

Office of US Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy

“Uma’s essay showed a deep understanding of the impact young voices like hers can have in our political discourse. As she joins me next week to be a part of this annual ceremony, I hope she has the chance to share with other leaders her generation’s vision for building a better and more prosperous future.” 

– US Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy

SAND Journal Berlin

“Idk when I first read Uma Menon’s submission to SAND, but I do remember the unsettling sense of something calmly furious blinking in bluelight on my computer. I remember the power that seemed so wizened & controlled. I remember being hit.  
Thereafter feels simple, w/out the need for explanation. I wanted the poem. But when I looked @ the poet’s biography, I admit I was shocked. The words didn’t seem like they were coming from a 15 year-old Floridian.” 

– Natalie Mariko, Poet & Editor of SAND Journal

The Cincinnati Review

“…when I find a poem that really resonates with me, I often struggle to pinpoint the complex craft at work behind the scenes. This is true of Uma Menon’s “trusting the birds,” a poem that is both abstract and concrete, that gestures at a much larger narrative while grounding itself in a short closed-off scene.”

– Jess Jelsma Masterton, Assistant Editor of The Cincinnati Review